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Marketing funnel, How important is it for your business?

The marketing funnel is about encouraging a prospect to fall in love with the brand, product or service. The marketing effort, as a result, is to engage customers and keep them loyal for long.

Each customer journey with a brand or a product is different, while the fundamentals of the journey remains same. Two marketing funnel models have been universally adopted to draw an understanding of the customer. Using these models the organisation can stay engaged –

  1. AIDA – Awareness (Attention), Interest, Desire, Action
    • TOFU – Top of funnel
    • MOFU – Middle of funnel
    • BOFU – Bottom of funnel

So, now where do you start from? Do we start with any one of these funnels and start? Will we get our answers from this.

AIDA has its origin from 1898 and was developed by the American Advertising and Sales pioneer Elmo Lewis. It evolved ever since along with the customer. The  customer has been elusive to every model considering, the emphasis today is largely on Digital Marketing. Marketing has moved more mainstream along with Sales. There are many activities which are common to Marketing and Sales. The customers buying patterns also differ from B2B to B2C. As a result, a B2B conversion needs the customer to be nurtured in a detailed process. A B2C conversion can jump all the cycle and instead focus on building brand loyalty.

We will be discussing many of these funnels in subsequent blogs and explore some of the use cases to help understand what best fits you. We do encourage you to share your inputs on your findings with the marketing funnels.

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