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Main Services

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

We build long-term, forward-looking strategies that involve planning with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage


Content Strategies

Content Strategies

Executing campaigns on Social Media, SEO, PR or any sort of content needs an effective and measurable plan. We help with the planning, development, publishing, governance and management of content.

Marketing Tech

Marketing Tech

Effective marketing technology helps understand changing consumer behaviour by establishing better campaigns, programs, and customer experiences that effectively leverage software and data

Story Telling

Story Telling

Creating a brand recall is not about running a memorable TV commercial or a Social Media campaign. It’s about communicating a message consistently and forever. Business Story Telling is integrating your business plans with consistent messaging.

Professionally We Implement Our Unique Experience
In Order to Reach Your Purposes & Targets

Other Services

LMS Content

Learning Management Systems have become a necessity in organizations of all sizes. The organizations face the challenges while dealing with people from different cultures. A story based LMS is the way to go, to drive important messages and policies.

Content Creation

Business communication is done via content that is either, via videos, audio or text. How your audience consumes content differs always, but the same story can be communicated in many formats. We help our clients create all forms of content, that just works.

Social Media Marketing

A social media presence or posting content is not enough to seek result. A clear strategy, well integrated with the content generation and Go-To-Market initiatives helps you keep your audience glued to the content and ensure they communicate back.

E-Commerce Ready

From helping develop your e-commerce website to supporting you manage, create and deploy content we at NinePings step in at every stage to ensure your business success.

Extra Services

Website is an integrated part of any digital initiative. A well designed and architected website becomes the first step to a businesses success. We offer Evaluation, Research, Design, Development of the websites.

Native or Hybrid apps we will help your create every type of app that your business needs. We help you with great UI and UX as we understand that the success of any app is the friendliness of its usability.

We consider Logo as a Human who is the identity of your business. The Logo lives, breaths as any one of us. It also assumes the social identity as much as we all individuals strive for. Its important to get it right as it sticks with your business and help you get recognised for everything you do.

Graphic designs are used in all forms of communication. They are used in Social Media campaigns, Emailers, Websites, Events, Print material and more. We support your initiatives with great designs that puts life into your work.

A Marketing strategy, A Content strategy are just dots if not well connected to organization goals, Market penetration, Revenue generation and Profitability expectations. It connects all the functional heads to work together and achieve the business goals.

A very important aspect of Marketing is to plan and have an assumed accurate budget that works great for the company to churn out results. We help businesses to plan their annual marketing budgets.



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